I Stop Brexit by publicising my group’s events

The event data that are shown on this site are collected automatically every night from other sites.

We do not collect event data by email or on a website form.

People’s Vote site

The national People’s Vote campaign advertises events on their own page. We copy the data from that page and include it in response to relevant queries on this site.

They have a web form for local groups to contribute information about their activities, but have asked that the location of this form not be advertised. Please contact Tom Cook, the Digital Officer for People’s Vote UK, by email to tom.cook@peoples-vote.uk in order to get a login to use this web form.

You must provide the correct postcode of the location of your event, otherwise it will not appear on this site.

Facebook Event Pages

We also collect event data from the public Facebook pages of the campaign groups that are listed in the database. These events are then shown alongside the organising group’s details.

To get your event listed in this way you must ensure that your group’s public Facebook page is in our database. First get a login on this site and then update the details of your group by searching for its page here.

We may sometimes fail to pick up notification of your event, because:

Whilst Facebook’s “Events” pages are well presented, they turn out to be more difficult to process than the “main” pages for each Facebook user, so we pick up event information from those instead. Indeed, we only use the first page that you see, before you click “See More” at the bottom of that page to view the next part. Therefore if your page is very busy, for example if you post photos after advertising your event, its details may go past on to the second page before we collect them.

We intend to provide a web form for you to tell us about individual events that you have already posted on Facebook on behalf of you group.

Calendars in other formats

There is a far superior standard for the details of events, which called ICalendar. This is supported by a lot of software that is suitable for including on your own website.

We intend to pick up data from calendars in this format later, but we decided to handle the most common sources first. Watch this space!