I Stop Brexit — by joining my local campaign group


The UK is under the control of a bunch of dangerous lunatics who are seriously intending to drive us over a cliff on 29 March 2019. Most of our spineless Members of Parliament are doing nothing to stop this from happening.

It’s good that we now have a unified Westminster-based campaign to get us a People’s Vote and of course you must sign the petition to demand this.

However, once we have achieved another Referendum, it is up to every citizen to ensure that we win it. Canvassing votes will require many more boots on the ground. We cannot trust the Westminster Bubble to organise this for us. People there screwed up the previous EU Referendum in 2016 and before that the one in 2012 to give us a half-sensible voting system.

On the morning of 24 March 2016 people woke up in horror at what had happened and in disbelief of the incompetence of the official Stronger In campaign. Gradually, all over the country, they set up their own groups and started to campaign for themselves. Unfortunately, the national organisations have made no attempt to recruit individuals who want to get involved to the grass roots groups.

So enter your postcode in the box above to find the contact details of the grass roots campaign groups that are working near you.

If you already active in one of these groups, you can add or correct its details using forms on this site. Start off by searching for it by postcode.

This site

This site was implemented and its database was collected by Paul Taylor. You can contact me by email to: hello@istopbrexit.info

The existing data were collected from other partial lists, including the lists of affiliates or branches of some of the national organisations. After that, I wrote some code to follow links from one campaign Facebook page to another, as a result of which there are now over 400 entries. This link-following will be automated a bit more to expand the database further.

However, as the anti-Brexit movement grows and in particular young people’s organisations like Our Future, Our Choice, For our Future’s Sake, and the Young European Movement get more branches as the new student year begins, it would be very useful if someone with contacts in the national leadership of these organisations could provide the details of these branches in a structured form such as a spreadsheet.

Please contact me if you can do that.

I also need help from people who are on Facebook (which I’m not) to contact the groups that have only provided Facebook addresses and also to promote this website on social media.

The purpose of the site is to get far more people involved, so it is only going to work if it is widely promoted.

The design of this site

The site is designed to get you to your local campaign group in seconds.

Many websites nowadays take longer to load than they did on dial-up connections in the 1990s. This is because they download shedloads of Javascript to distract you with graphical acrobatics while they are slurping your personal information.

There are no cookies and no Javascript on this site.

That is, apart from one cookie that you get if you log in to update the details of campaign groups.

Add the search box to your site

Here is the HTML code that you need to add to your own site so that your visitors can type their postcode in there and get results directly from here:

  <form action="https://www.istopbrexit.info/cgi-bin/query.cgi">
  <input type="text" name="q" size=30>
  <input type="submit">

Groups by Constituency

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